Timber Logs & Steppers

Playground Nature Elements

Norwood Products supplies stepping logs, balance logs, log edging and forked wild logs, from reclaimed trees, for use in public areas.

These logs are made safe for children, with sharp protrusions removed and made smooth.

Carefully selected timber is sourced from sustainably harvested forests.

Species generally used are Forest Red Gum, Cypress Pine, Spotted Gum and Ironbark. These varieties are all either class 1 or class 2 durability timbers.



Average size range: 250 – 600mm diam x 800 – 1200mm long.

Top surface can be grooved on request. Octagonally cut girder offcuts are available.



Average size range: 250 – 800mm diam x 1800 – 6000mm long.

Logs can have 1 sawn flat face on request. Tree trunks with branch stubs are available.


Seat blocks

Seats 300x300mm & 400x400mm x various lengths are available.


Shed poles

Customized lengths are available to promote architectural features that are aesthetically pleasing and encourage the use of space.


Wooden stakes, also referred to as bollards, are a popular feature in many council parks. Not only do they encourage play, and engagement but in a mass environment they can also function as fencing without rails. Wooden stakes can be customized.

Weathered timbers

With environmental sustainability being a top priority for many councils, the use of weathered timbers is becoming a major feature in parks across Australia. The weathered timbers can be used for furniture, seating or to encourage play. One of the main advantages is the minimal maintenance that is required.